Introducing our Four-Footed Partners

The real foundation of VHAT’s programs is our hard-working therapy horses who make it all possible! This sweet-tempered bunch connect with students in unimaginable ways, empowering them to build confidence and take on new personal challenges.


Meet Benjamin Moore—or “Benny”, as he is affectionately known—a draft cross gelding born in 2001. At 16.3 hh, he’s a really big boy who was a premier dressage horse in his earlier years. Today he prefers life here on the farm, eating plenty of grass with his pasture mates and offering VHAT a highly trained and gentle therapy partner for larger riders. A horse of his caliber is rare and we couldn’t be more grateful to have received such a gifted addition to the herd.


A 15hh liver chestnut Morgan born in 1994, Dublin does it all! Sound, stable and athletic, Dublin is equally at home carrying higher-level students as well as special needs students. He is a careful, sure-footed and kind addition to our therapy program.


VHAT now has Magic, a beautiful 15.1hh bay Thoroughbred mare who was donated to us in spring 2012 after a successful career in the show world. Born in 1994, sweet-tempered Magic immediately earned a place in our hearts by coaxing a reluctant young special needs rider into the saddle, then trotting him around the arena until he grinned from ear to ear.


One of the younger members of the herd, Molly is a 15hh flea-bitten Connemara mare born in 1997. With her calm, patient demeanor, her buttery gait and her hard-working attitude, Molly is a fun and safe mount who can quickly build the confidence of even the most timid student.


Joining VHAT in 2011, Preview is a wonderful, wise old soul, calm, and carefully and competently trained. Born in 1990, this gorgeous 15.1hh Palomino Paint with intelligent (and highly unusual!) blue eyes once appeared in the National Paint Horse Show. He later became a Make-a-Wish horse donated to a young woman with severe physical difficulties.


Rigby has claimed his rightful place as the cutest pony on the VHAT team. A chestnut paint gelding somewhere in his 20s and standing just 13.2hh, he was successful in the show world (he loves to jump!), but endured some rough handling before being rescued. Thanks to the loving “therapy” he subsequently received, Rigby has now found a home with VHAT, being graciously donated to us in 2015 in response to our need for a new pony for our programs.


A beautiful Appaloosa-cross mare, Rumor was rescued from a Premarin (Pregnant Mare Urine or PMU) farm in 2000 at the age of four months. Standing at 15hh, Rumor has a curious, happy nature and, as a dominant mare, has her eye on becoming boss of the entire herd. On the job, Rumor’s intuitive kindness and steady approach to therapy work has made her the partner of choice for the most challenging special needs riders.


Do you have someone in your life who’s not fancy or famous, but just a good solid friend? That’s our Talat, a gentle 15hh black Morgan, born in 1993. Talat isn't very brave, but he is a willing soul, and enjoys basic dressage and the occasional trail ride. This handsome lad is a favorite both at summer camp and with our therapy riders whom he takes extra efforts to keep safe.


Meet Tante, one of the newest members of VHAT’s therapy herd. Born in 2004, Tante is a 14.3'' Morgan/Quarter bay gelding who is on temporary lease to us while his owner is off at college. He was beautifully trained by Neal Perry, and we love his lively spirit and his gentleness when special needs students are on board. Like most Morgans, he loves his daily hay and will do almost anything for a special treat.