VHAT Receives National Recognition for After-School Program for Students with Autism

“When we pioneered our After-School Program for students on autism spectrum in 2008, we never dreamed we would be singled out for honors in the therapeutic riding world or that our program would become a benchmark for others,” says VHAT Program Director Sarah Seidman. “We were thrilled to be asked to contribute an article on our successes for the 2016 ‘Special Programs’ issue of Strides.”

Authored by Sarah, the resulting article entitled “Building Community in the ASD Population” discusses VHAT’s innovative program model, the benefits of a group approach for this population and the special role played by our teen aides in assisting children whose disorder is defined by its profound isolation.

Strides is the bi-monthly magazine of PATH International, the international non-profit that promotes best practices for equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT).

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